Telephone – Alburnett

USA Communications subscribers can now request to block Third Party charges on their bill. There is no charge to request Third Party Blocking.

Local Telephone Service
Residential $24.50
Business $26.50
Multi-line Business $29.20
Access Recovery Charge
Business or Residential $2.50
Business Multi-line $3.00
911 Fees
Benton County $1.00
Linn County $1.00
Additional Monthly Fees
Non-Pub Listing $1.00
Residential Additional Listing $0.25
Business Additional Listing $0.50
Wiring Maintenance $2.00
Toll Denied $1.00
Service Fees
Establish Service – Existing Residential $25.00
Establish Service – New Residential $70.00
Membership Fee $10.00
Late Fee $10.00
Returned Check Charge $30.00
Add Additional Service $25.00
Toll Restrict Line $30.00
Wire Jack $50.00
Each Additional Jack Wire $10.00
Calling Features
Call Waiting FREE Selective Call Rejection $1.50
Call Forwarding FREE Selective Call Acceptance $1.00
3-Way Calling FREE Distinctive Ring List $1.00
Calling Name Delivery $2.50 Anonymous Call Rejection $0.50
Calling Number Delivery $2.50 Call Forward Busy $1.00
Calling Name and Number Delivery $4.00 Call Foward No Answer $1.00
Call Waiting Caller ID $1.50 Intercept Charge N/C
Teen Service $2.50 Telemarketer Call Screening $3.50
Supression $1.00 Hot Line/Emergency $0.50
Automatic Recall $0.75 Warm Line/Emergency $0.50
Automatic Call Back N/C Customer Originated Trace N/C
Selective Call Forwarding $1.00 Residential User Transfer $1.00
3rd Party Blocking NC 900 block N/C
Voice Mail Packages
Bronze Voice Mail $5.00 Silver Voice Mail $6.00
Gold Voice Mail $7.00 Platinum Voice Mail $9.00
Click for Voice Mail instructions
Long Distance
$.10 per minute for $2.95 per month
$.14 per minute at no additional charge

Taxes, fees and surcharges not included.